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Our program is not a don’t do anything and get-rich-quick type of thing. Be real; it takes time, energy, effort, and money to launch and build anything of real value, we are here to shorten the learning curve and timetable. You will need to have the right mindset, work ethic and focus on the results you want your clients to have – one of my mentors once told me that if I took care of enough people’s problems, mine would go away, am here repeating the same to you. Now, if you are ready to put forth the time, the energy and the effort that it is going to take to build something of value, the rest will fall into place. I am here to guide you, to help you stay focused in creating something you and I can be proud of. Your course will impact the lives of many and will create a steady stream of income for you. Any testimonial on our pages and videos and references to income, revenues, and ROI are not typical. The results you get, will be entirely dependent on your efforts, your past experiences, use of resources and many other factors, yet, having said that, I will give all that is within my power so you achieve the success you want – I Collect Success Stories – Ruben